Committee to Support U.S. Trade Law Congratulates Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross; Calls for Action on Lighthizer Nomination to be USTR

(Washington, DC, March 1, 2017) – The Committee to Support U.S. Trade Laws (CSUSTL), a coalition committed to keep U.S. laws against unfair trade practices strong and strictly enforced, welcomed the swearing in of The Hon. Wilbur Ross as Secretary of Commerce. “Secretary Ross brings an unprecedented level of knowledge, experience and business acumen to this position so critical to the future economic security of the United States,” said Thomas M. Sneeringer, President of CSUSTL. “The Secretary’s forthright vision and secure grasp of the policies and practices that will lead to a renaissance in the American productive economy earned him the bipartisan support his nomination received. We look forward to working with him and his team in the interests of all American producers, their workers and their communities.”

In a highly related matter, Sneeringer added, CSUSTL calls for such actions as are necessary to confirm expeditiously the nomination of Robert Lighthizer to be United States Trade Representative. “Ambassador Lighthizer possesses unquestionable qualifications to serve as USTR. He is a brilliant strategist, a highly effective negotiator and an irrefutable patriot. With Secretary Ross now in place, it is imperative that this most promising pairing be completed and the work of refashioning the U.S. approach to trade agreements – and trade enforcement – begun.”