(Washington, DC, December 12) — Today, the U.S. International TradeCommissions (USITC) reached a unanimous determination to finalize anti-dumpingand countervailing duties on imports of common alloy aluminum sheet fromChina.  The final anti-dumping duties range between 50 to 60 percent andcountervailing duties of 46 to 116 percent.   Imports of common alloysheet from China increased by 731 percent between 2007 and 2017 with China asthe largest foreign supplier, accounting for nearly 40 percent of total U.S.imports of that product in 2017.  This is the first trade remedy case in25 years to be “self-initiated” by an administration.

The Committee to Support U.S. Trade Laws (CSUSTL) praises the Administration for self-initiating the unfair trade case on imports of common alloy aluminum sheet and enforcing existing U.S. trade remedy rules fairly and consistently.  The group cites the Administration’s willingness to use these laws to address problematic trade practices as critical to sustaining a robust U.S. economy, ensuring manufacturing and agricultural jobs in America, fair wages for our workers, and vibrant local communities.

“The effective enforcement of U.S. trade remedy laws is critical to addressing unfair trading practices that injure or threaten to injure U.S. industries,” said John Herrmann, Co-chair of CSUSTL’s Lawyers Committee, and of the law firm Kelley Drye & Warren LLP which represents the Aluminum Association Common Alloy Aluminum Sheet Trade Enforcement Working Group.  He continued, “By self-initiating this case, the Administration took the initiative in administering the rules in a fair and consistent manner toward unfairly traded imports from China that injured U.S. producers of aluminum sheet.  We hope the Administration will continue this approach of proactively addressing trade problems that confront other U.S. manufacturers and agricultural producers being injured by the unfair practices of our trading partners.”

The Committee to Support U.S. Trade Laws (CSUSTL) is an organization of companies, trade associations, labor unions, law firms and individuals committed to preserving and enhancing U.S. trade laws and supporting trade policies that benefit the United States-based productive economy.  CSUSTL’s members span multiple sectors, including manufacturing, technology, agriculture, mining, energy, and services.  We are dedicated to ensuring that the laws against unfair trade are not weakened through legislation or policy decisions in Washington, DC, in international negotiations, or through dispute settlement at the World Trade Organization (WTO) and elsewhere.

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