Dear Congressmen Bost and Davis:

On behalf of the Committee to Support U.S. Trade Laws (CSUSTL), I want to express our strong support for the American Trade Enforcement Effectiveness Act, H.R. 2523. The provisions in H.R. 2523 will help to ensure that our trade remedy laws remain strong and effective for American manufacturers, farmers, ranchers, and workers. We appreciate your efforts to get this important bipartisan legislation introduced and for spearheading the efforts to attract additional support for the bill.

CSUSTL’s members, which span all major industrial sectors, including manufacturing, technology, agriculture, fishing and mining (companies, associations, and worker representatives), depend on the trade laws to ensure that they can compete fairly and on an equal footing with foreign competitors who dump to gain advantage in the U.S. market, or who benefit from government subsidies. Just ask steel producers in Illinois and across the country, paper producers in the Northeast and Midwest, shrimp fishermen and processors in the Gulf, honey producers, tomato farmers in Florida, California and many other states, aluminum extrusion producers across the country, lumber producers across the country, tire producers in various states in the eastern two thirds of the country, solar manufacturers in Oregon and the literally hundreds of other industries (big and small) who have needed to use the laws at times to preserve themselves from unfairly traded imported goods. Fair trade conditions support manufacturing and agricultural jobs in America, living wages for our workers, vibrant local communities and a tax base at the local, state and national level.

We look forward to working with your offices and that of other members of the House to ensure passage of this important legislation.

Terence P. Stewart

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