In a decision nearly five years in the making, the U.S. Court of International Trade affirmed a Department of Commerce determination that Chinese diamond sawblades producer Beijing Gang Yan Diamond Products Company (“Gang Yan”) is, indeed, controlled by the Government of China and, as a result, should be subject to higher U.S. antidumping duties reflecting this relationship. The ruling by the Court is a “significant victory for the U.S. industry and its workers,” as Daniel Pickard, counsel to the Diamond Sawblades Manufacturers’ Coalition (“DSMC”), explained. Commerce’s determination and the Court’s decision highlight the kind of control that the Government of China can exert over its domestic industries, employing methods as diverse as shareholder participation by government officials and legislation passed with the sole purpose of strengthening entities like respondent Gang Yan. CSUSTL congratulates the DSMC on this important victory for both U.S. sawblades producers as well as for the U.S. manufacturing industry at large as it continues to battle unfair competition from foreign producers fortified by the direct support of their governments.

You can read the full opinion here. You can read more about Mr. Pickard and the DSMC here.

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